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Video of calf release

Calf release with foam roller

If you’re not sure how to use a foam roller to loosen up a tight calf muscle then this video might be for you. When the calf is released you may even find any pain in the ankle, knee or hip has also reduced. 

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Outer Hip Strengthening

Outer Hip Strengthening Exercise

The outer hip needs to be strengthened usually due to excessive sitting or lack of movement on a daily basis. This is a great starter exercise if you wish to get more mobile.

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We are lucky to have customers raving about our services on social media. I’d love to share their great stories to help you decide if you too could become a potential customer.

Reviews on Facebook

Upper Back Postural Strengthening

Upper back postural strengthening

This video shows how to strengthen the upper back. The movement here is precise and slow but be patient, over time this will reap some great benefits.

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Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis stretch

Stretching the piriformis can greatly improve flexibility and mobility.

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