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Not the greatest thing to talk about but this video explains some of the anatomy.

Pelvic Floor


Pelvic floor exercises are quite well known but what exactly are you exercising?

General Aches and Cramps


Unexplained cramps, muscle aches or lack of sleep could be a common deficiency?

After Knee Surgery


What to do at home to keep the knee on its best possible course to repair.

The Day After Knee Surgery


Some clear and practical GENERAL tips. Always listen to your own surgery team first.

haemorrhoids (piles)

This video explains the anatomy of haemorrhoids and possible causes. It does mention liver disease but remember this is JUST ONE POSSIBILITY out of MANY LIKELY CAUSES. Just understanding the transition from internal blood vessels to external tissue might make this condition more understandable. Decreasing foods that inflame the area is a good place to start.

pelvic floor exercises for hip pain

Check out this great video that tells you exactly what the pelvic floor is. Understanding the anatomy might just make doing those exercises a little easier to follow.

magnesium deficiency?

8 Tell Tale Signs of a Magnesium Deficiency - Thomas DeLauer  Muscle Cramps  Magnesium directly interacts with your muscle tissue through a process called ion transportation.   Here are 8 issues that might be caused by a deficiency.


Listen to your surgeons advice as everyone is a little different! This video is a general guide to the most common rehab methods.

Knee Rehab the day after surgery

Check out this great video about the day after surgery and more. Listen to your own surgeon or health care provider first and foremost. This a general guide